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Today’s Free SEO Website Analysis is for a site about Debt Relief and related keywords.

I’ve put a few notes about how I did my review below the video.


From a “classical” on-page SEO perspective, most things are in place. You can see how I diagnose if there are any barriers or road blocks that might be preventing search engines from being able to crawl and index (and ergo rank) the site properly.


You’ll also see me make a few recommendations for small changes that might be helpful. Another factors to think about is something a bit intangible, and that is how trustworthy your site appears to visitors. In the video you’ll hear me ask 3 important questions you can ask yourself about your site to see if your website passes the “trustworthy test”.


The last thing you’ll see me do is a quick competition analysis. You don’t have to be, well, an internet marketing brain to know that this particular niche is competitive, but I think you’ll like the snapshot approach I take to this.


Feel free to make a checklist of the items you hear me check so you can perform your own website SEO analysis or audit, or feel free to request me to do a free website SEO review of your website.


Feel free to comment below if you’d like to add some aspects you like to review when you do a site audit, thanks for your input!

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  • Linda says:

    Thank you for the review of my site. I found it to be quite informative. There are things I thought I had right but it’s nice to be confirmed. Also, there were things I was not aware of that are wrong. Thanks for pointing them out.
    You mentioned no image alt attributes. I do put alt tags on all my images. If this is what you are referring to perhaps I need to check into what the problem could be since they are all included in each page.
    The empty category of “debt questions” was probably put on prematurely. That will contain questions from Yahoo Answers which I plan to bring in from a plug-in called Digi Traffic Multiplier.
    I do realize that the topic and keywords are really competitive and do have some hesitation there. It will probably take a long time to gain in the SERPS. Maybe a 20 year plan? I plan on adding a lot more pages of longtails on an ongoing basis. From what I understand, pages rank as opposed to sites, so maybe that will help.
    You also indicated that maybe there was too much in the way of ads. I wonder about that also. I think I will try removing one of the 250×300 adsense blocks at the top and wrap the text around the remaining one. I usually do it that way but tried the double one on this site.
    Again, thanks for the review. I learned a lot and appreciate your effort. Now, off to watch more of your reviews.

    • Internet Marketing Brain says:

      Hi, I’m glad you found that helpful. I thought I had deleted that sentence about the img alt tags, because right after I said that on the video I found your alt tags – but anyway, yes your alt tags look good and match up with each page. And yes you’re right that it’s primarily pages that rank, and smarter SEOs than myself have indicated that Google has incorporated a “site rank” (my crude words, not theirs) into its ranking algorithm. As far as “too many ads”, I should clarify that in the end, your site performance and achievement of goals (via reports) should really be your guide – that is to say, if you’re getting a lot of AdSense clicks already then maybe testing other size/configurations, or simply doing as you indicated, certainly are worth testing. Other SEO video reviews have been kept private up until now, but you’ll be seeing some others coming from the “not private” queue coming soon!


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