The #1 Biggest Business Website Mistake

The #1 Biggest Business Website Mistake

The #1 Biggest Business Website Mistake

Although it’s hard to choose just one “biggest website mistake” when I see so many each and every day, this is by far the biggest.

And, funny enough, it has nothing to do with your business website!

You probably thought I was going to say “bad architecture, bad design, poor planning, too-busy, not enough content” or something about the website itself, right?


The biggest mistake I see, is business owners banking on their website to be a cash cow.

I hear something like this all the time: “if you can just get my website to the first page or high-up in Google, then I’ll be making money hand-over-fist…”

While it’s true that if you’re not ranking highly in Google’s search results,  then no one will ever see your website, it’s also true high ranking doesn’t guarantee you’ll get more customers and make more money.

People – business owners – have this unrealistic expectation that the website all by itself will be responsible for truckloads of cash pouring in.

Sure, a high ranking website means you’re much, much more likely to be seen by your potential customers and clients, but after that, what about you? – what are YOU going to do to capitalize on that traffic?

Are you going to put a strong call to action on your site? Are you going to sign up for an automatic email collection service so you can give away a freebie in exchange for their email address and then do “permission marketing” to those prospects? What exactly are YOU going to do?

The biggest mistake I see is an unrealistic expectation of what a highly-ranked website is going to do, all by its lonesome.

What about you? What do you think the biggest mistakes are?

That’s what the comment section below is for!

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