3 Critical Google Changes

3 Critical Google Changes

Huge Google Changes!

Google moves at lightning speed – well, you might know think that from the picture to the left, but they do!

And in the last 2 days, they’ve made several huge changes you need to know about:

1. If You Own a Business, You’re About to Celebrate!
Google FINALLY updated their “Places” function so you can respond to reviews! No longer will you have to shout at your computer or mobile phone  screen because someone posted a nasty comment to your places page. Now you can engage people, reply to them, solve their problem and post that you did so. Or let people know what you’re doing to correct complaints. This is HUGE for business owners!

2. No More Logging In & Out of Google Accounts:
If you’re like me and have more than one Gmail account, yo’ll be glad to know that you can now view multiple Gmail accounts in one browser! Whoopee, I just saved at least 6 minutes a day!

3. Announcing: The Google Small Business Blog!
Another win for business owners, the Google Small Business Blog was just released, go grab the RSS feed right now!
Creative Commons License photo credit: ToastyKen

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