Who is the “Internet Marketing Brain”?

I’m David Portney, and I welcome you.

I happen to love SEO and internet marketing. And I love helping people. You can use my SEO expertise to do your own SEO. Or you can use the knowledge I provide you to make sure whomever you hire to do SEO is not ripping you off.

Because I’m a full-time SEO at an Internet Marketing agency I know what works and what doesn’t. Also, I spend many hours per week keeping my finger on the pulse of Google so I can stay on the cutting edge, and get the best-possible results the clients I serve.

One thing I hate is all the myths, misconceptions, and outright lies about how SEO works. In my early days, before I became a pro SEO and was just learning, I hung out on “marketing” forums and such and even paid a lot of money to a “guru” to teach me SEO.

The problem was that all that info on the forums – and even my “guru” – was only partly correct. But worse than that, the tactics they talk about will either only work until Google catches up to those tactics, or they’re out of date, or they’re often just plain wrong.

That just makes my blood boil. And that’s why my stance is NO BS SEO, period. The strategies and techniques I teach are used by large and small businesses to succeed online, and IF YOU use them, they’ll work for you too.

“3 Steps to Instantly Exploding Your Website’s Leads & Sales”.

You will discover:

  • How to easily find the “low-hanging fruit” quick wins that’ve been hiding right under your nose!
  • How to get more FREE clicks from Google than you are now – starting right away
  • How to ethically steal your competition’s rankings
  • And much more!

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David Portney
The Internet Marketing Brain